Woven And Knit present to you the future of fabrics.

Please feel free to browse thru a wide range of innovative, eco friendly and sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, eco viscose, dope dyed viscose, recycled polyester and many more, sourced directly from some of the top most certified manufacturers / mills across India.

Our range of future fabrics include.

Spunshades / Dope Dyed

Dope Dyeing is the process of injecting colours/pigment at the stage of the dope when the cellulosic material is in semi liquid stage.
Colour is infused into the core of the fibre of dope dyed yarns.

From this dope dyed fibre is made which is later spin to make yarn. Fabric is made by weaving of these yarns.

As the fibre is already dyed at the dope stage, it eliminates the dyeing process which is hazardous to the climate hence makes this dope dyed fibre environment friendly.

a) 40% Reduction in effluent discharge.
b) 55% Reduction in power consumption.
c) 20% Reduction in greenhouse gas emission.
d) 55% Reduction in steam consumption can be achieved due to dope dyeing.

In conventional dyeing the colour pigment remains at the surface of the yarn where as in dope dyeing colour is up to the core of fibre, hence resulting in better colour fastness.

Dope dyed yarn are fully uniform in colour and do not vary from lot to lot.

After multiple washing it remains as new with smooth feel.

Spunshades Advantage


Vibrant Colours

Very High Colour Fastness

Perfect Shade Uniformity

Environment Friendly

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Recycle Fabric

  • One of the lowest fibre
    carbon footprints globally
  • Made from 100%
    used PET bottles

One of the lowest carbon footprints globally

  • Targeting carbon neutrality in the near future

Sustainable Feedstock

  • Circular economy through recycling post-consumer waste (PET bottles).
  • Modern in-house manufacturing for recycling waste PET bottles into fashion solutions

Eco-friendly manufacturing

  • Bio-fuels instead of fossil fuels for generating steam
  • Zero waste concept: all the material is either used in process or sold in market
  • State of the art Effluent Treatment Process system.
  • Maximum water is Recycled (90%); All the water re-used in manufacturing and horticulture

Power of Pre-coloured

  • There is no need for further dyeing process downstream. Dyeing industry is considered as one of the most polluting industries globally.
  • Pre-coloured GreenGold requires only 1/10th of energy for normal dyeing & has zero water consumption
  • Removes the need for chemical agents and dyestuffs which are Class A pollutants


  • End to End traceable supply chain from PET bottles to fabric. This is a growing demand from most of the major fashion houses

Green Environment

  • 56% of factory area is open green space; unique coexistence of nature (even exotic birds like peacocks!) along with manufacturing

Large Social Footprint

  • Large social footprint: education, welfare and medical aid to local villages
  • Addressing social issues such as gender equality and poverty alleviation
  • Measures like -Regular labour welfare programmes – medical check-up, eye check- up, blood donation camp etc.
  • Dedicated Vendors for input materials who follow ethical business practices, labour laws and all legal and statutory requirements


  • Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification
  • Oeko-tex certification (safe for baby products)
  • ISO 9001, ISO-14001, OHSAS 18001

Infinite Applications

  • GreenGold spans a wide variety of apparel segments such as Denim, Shirting, Suiting, Formals, Casuals, Women’s Ethnic and Western wear