French terry knit fabrics have a regular smooth jersey top side with a varying loop piling on the back (from long in length to very short).  French terry is typically 100% cotton, but can also be found with spandex and other fibers for increased stretch and recovery.  French terry knits are extremely popular currently and can be found used in many fashion applications in women’s clothing, while traditionally used for swim coverups and athletic bottoms due to its moisture absorbing capability.

French Terry is super easy to care for too! Depending on the cotton content of your French Terry, prepare for a moderate amount of shrinkage.

French Terry may tend to pill with lots of wear and multiple washings, so you may consider line drying your garments. Also, you may notice the fabric loops flatten over time. This is common with this type of fabric.

The best part! Let's about all the things you can sew up using this soft, snuggly fabric! French Terry is most recognizable as jogging pants and sweatshirts, but it’s a versatile fabric with tons of potential. Any pattern requiring a mid- to heavy-weight knit fabric will likely work with French Terry fabric. We especially love French Terry for cozy cardigans and knit dresses.